Turtle Beach Ear Force X3 Wireless Gaming Headphones

It’s no secret around my house, but I am a night owl. My wife likes to get up earlier in the morning than I do, and I like to stay up later. Our house isn’t exactly huge, and even if it were, the volume I like to watch TV at or play video games at would disrupt the house, especially at night. It was driving me crazy at first, trying to figure out how to live with someone else with such a different sleeping schedule.
My solution came in the form of the Turtle Beach Ear Force X3 wireless gaming headset. Sound is transmitted to this unit using infrared signals from a transmitter stationed near your source. With infrared receivers on either side of the headphones, it is fairly uncommon for your signal to be interrupted. I have also never noticed any lag in audio using these headphones.

Instead, I have noticed only pure audio bliss. Sounds are so clear through the Turtle Beach Ear Force X3s. They are remarkably light, and incredibly comfortable. Their around the ear design is well cushioned and well designed to fit most anyone.

One additional feature that the X3s have is a microphone that can be used as your Microsoft Xbox Live communication headset. This is another great addition that shows Turtle Beach truly had the gamer in mind when the designed these headphone. There are, however, two problems with the microphone setup. First, the microphone should be removable, or at least have an on/off switch. When I am lying down to watch a movie, if I lie on the wrong side, often times the microphone will rub against the couch or pillow which causes unwanted noises. Also, it would have been nice to have a wireless connector for the X#s when using them in conjunction with Xbox Live. A dongle is required to be plugged into the bottom of the Xbox 360 controllers to use any headset for communication purposes on Xbox Live. This means that when using the headset with Xbox Live means that it is not truly a wireless experience.

Overall, I have found the Turtle Beach Ear Force X3s to be superb. I also believe that the X4s will address the problems I mentioned with the headset above. I picked up my set for $50 from Stootsi.com, but they usually retail for around $99 which I think is still well worth the price.

A few tips for using ANY set of wireless headphones:

Use rechargeable batteries. Depending on how often and at what volume you use the headphones at, you could be buying replacement batteries. I was able to get a set of 4 batteries, of which the Turtle Beach X3s only need 2, plus a charger for around 10 bucks.

Don’t forget to adjust the output volume to a higher level, and keep the headphone volume at lower levels. This will provide a much clearer sound. Having the television output volume at a low level, but the headphone level at a much higher level will result in unwanted distortion. The headphone volume should only be used for fine tuning the desired volume.

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